Revolutionizing Veterinary Practice: Sustainable Solutions Over Cotton Codependency

Revolutionizing Veterinary Practice: Sustainable Solutions Over Cotton Codependency

SAN JOSE, CA, May 8, 2024 - In contemporary society, the conversation regarding environmental sustainability has gained tremendous momentum in various professional realms, including veterinary medicine. As part of the mission of Contingenci® by Good Human to help clinics utilize and promote eco-friendly products as industry standard, we are happy to introduce items that prioritize minimizing costs, saving time and reducing water use into the market. 

Currently, products like pet mats and bedding are often created with cotton due to the comfort and versatility the material provides, as well as its commonplace within the fashion and textile world. Despite its popularity, producing cotton is extremely water-intensive: the traditional method to cultivate the crop requires large quantities of irrigation. According to The World Counts, 10,000 liters of water are required to create one kilo of water, or 2,700 liters to generate one T-shirt.

Along with the shocking water footprint needed for this plant, the farming process typically involves the heavy use of fertilizers and pesticides. In a report from the National Wildlife Refuge, the U.S. Department of Agriculture revealed that in the year 2000, 84 million pounds of pesticides were used in the country’s 14.4 million acres of cotton. Furthermore, over two billion pounds of fertilizer are used on these same fields annually. 

Based on these numbers and the corresponding environmental harm, it is imperative that veterinary professionals address and reassess the products they purchase and inherently promote to consumers. While cotton is an industry essential and its versatility is undeniable, engaging in new types of items is never a wasteful idea. The Vet Pro line developed by Contingenci® by Good Human aims to popularize the sustainability and profitability of alternative solutions, emphasized by the products being created from repurposed textiles and garments, opposed to growing more cotton for manufacturing purposes. 

Products like the Green & Clean detachable velcro pads and orthopedic recovery cushions have been developed from certified The North Face deadstock and other reclaimed end-of-life materials. In addition, the Contingenci® towels have quick drying technology, anti-slip functionality and liquid stain prevention performance while assisting clinics in saving more than $3,450 in yearly laundry utility bills. These products can be tested through an exclusive trial offer for a month with a refundable deposit, shipping included. 

Moreover, this product line builds on its water-saving abilities through helping practitioners save time by streamlining operations and optimizing efficiency. Along with the provided environmental benefits, the saved profits cannot be dismissed. Through bundle offers and customizable options, clinicians can purchase a variety of personalized products with lasting capability. These items and additional information can be found at

As stewards of animal health and guardians of the natural world, veterinary professionals perform a crucial function in dictating what constitutes a sustainable future for upcoming generations. Through embracing revolutionary breakthroughs, veterinarians can get ahead of the curve and lead this industry-spanning shift. At Contingenci® by Good Human, we remain committed to supporting veterinarians on this journey and leading a more conscientious approach to pet care. 

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Contingenci by Good Human LLC is a sustainable micro-factory founded in 2020. The company is the first carbon-neutral circular manufacturing facility in San Jose, CA, both female and minority-owned. Beginning as a COVID startup specializing in sustainable and reusable mask production, Contingenci has grown to repurpose activewear and outdoor garments and textiles into eco-friendly veterinary products. The organization specializes in the creation of innovative and assistive orthopedic recovery cushions, anti-slip mats, and pet positioners. Key focuses include proving sustainability can be profitable, advocating for education on renewable consumer habits, and supporting minority female businesses. For more information, visit

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