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Contingenci Mask


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Contingenci® Pro-Veterinary Vet Pads

Green & CLean

  • Cage Cushion
  • Multipurpose Mat
  • Exam Table Topper
  • X-Ray Pet Positioner
  • Easy Clean & Quick Dry
  • 100% Made in California

Save ur time & $3000+ on laundry gas bills

what we Do

Our sustainable vet pads and products help clinics cut costs by 50%+ while adding pet comfort.

What we use

Repurposing deadstock into sustainable vet/pet products to reduce waste and emissions​​.

What we aim

Leading sustainable change by providing eco-friendly products that reduce businesses' environmental impact and costs.

Sustainable Partnerships


Help saved TNF Ski patrol jackets from the landfill due to legal liability; "first responder" marks are prohibited to civilians. we renewed & repair these Gore-tex jackets to be sold to the public by TNF.

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Rapid Development Program (RDP) Prototyping, patterning, Sampling in 1-3 business days. Our skin suit mock-ups for the wind tunnel testing have the fastest time trial data, coming this summer 2024.

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Warranty Satellite Center for outdoor and active brands. Teaming up with Marmot to repurpose sleeping bags into pet products and garments

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