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Try Vet Pads for free

Our our sustainable, carbon neutral veterinarian products that are easy to clean and wash. Specifically designed for vet clinics, these innovative pads redefine cleanliness and convenience for your furry companions.

Custom-made in California

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“yes” to any of these problems?

  • High utility bills?
  • Endless laundry?
  • Broken washers/dryers?
  • Frequent cleaning tasks?
  • Difficult to keep pets warm?
  • Overcrowded with blankets or towels?

Why us

See for yourself why you should switch to Contingenci's sustainable vet pads. Request free samples to directly compare the benefits.

We Offer

  • Crafted with certified, human-grade materials
  • Add your clinic's logo for a personalized touch
  • Custom-made to fit your exam tables and cages
  • Choose from various colors to match your interior