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"I use to be a sleeping bag" Fanny Pack

"I use to be a sleeping bag" Fanny Pack

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We partner with a significant outdoor company to help divert 5000 new sleeping bags from landfills.

This earth day, we're kicking off our "I used to be a sleeping bag" fanny pack to celebrate our mother planet!!

Each fanny pack is individual & unique due to our "upcycling" manufacturing process.

We embraced the imperfections; each piece is made from different parts of the sleeping bag. We wanted to be creative and enjoyed the fun with it. There may be some existing baffle openings from where the insulation was supposed to be installed. 

Redefine your adventures with the "I use to be a sleeping bag" Fanny Pack. Crafted from upcycled sleeping bags, this sustainable, stylish accessory will make a fashion and circularity statement as you take on new journeys. Enjoy the second life of sleeping bags, and make every journey eco-friendly!

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