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Did you know dog beds should be washed X2 per week!

Why should we constant wash dog beds?

Ensuring your dog's bed lasts longer is not the sole purpose of keeping it clean. It's essential to wash dog beds at least twice a week, despite the inconvenience. The reason? There are numerous harmful microorganisms residing in your pet's bedding. According to the International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene (IFH), animals, especially outdoor pets like dogs, carry a variety of bacteria, viruses, fungi, fleas, and parasites. Regular cleaning is crucial for maintaining a hygienic environment for both your pet and your household.

Health risks on not washing dog beds

Harmful organisms can survive on the bed for up to a year without a host, emphasizing the necessity of cleaning. Even if your pet doesn't show signs of illness, infections can be transmitted from the bed to your dog and then potentially to the people in your home. Therefore, maintaining a clean dog bed is not only about your pet's comfort but also about preserving the health of everyone in your household. Additionally, practicing regular hand washing after handling your pet or their belongings further minimizes the risk of infection, promoting a safer environment for everyone. 

How to wash my pet beds?

There are no easy shortcuts when it comes to washing your dog's bed, unfortunately. While vacuuming can remove surface hair and dirt, it doesn't eliminate the pathogens deeply embedded in the fabric. Proper cleaning is the only effective method. Having two beds on rotation is a smart idea, ensuring there's always a clean one available while the other is being washed.

Recommended dog beds/pet pads: 

Detachable Velcro Towel Pads- The detachable design, which allows for easy removal and cleaning, ensures that the pads remain in pristine condition, minimizing the need for frequent replacements. This longevity not only enhances cost-effectiveness for households but also reduces waste, contributing to a circular economy. Furthermore, the integration of quick-drying technology significantly decreases energy consumption during the cleaning process, further aligning the product with environmentally friendly practices. By adopting our pads, pet families can demonstrate their dedication to sustainable solutions, making a positive impact on both their cleaning efficiency and the planet. Embracing this innovation not only represents a competitive advantage but also underscores a commitment to progressive, eco-conscious pet care practices, setting a new industry standard in environmental responsibility.

Jax Hexegon Pet BedSustainable, all made from reclaimed, deadstock, recycled, renewed materials from the outdoor apparel, fashion, and textile industry. ALL USA-MADE. Pet parent-friendly, easy to wash, durable, water-resistant, anti-slip bases. Suitable for XL dogs, easy clean cover and foldable. 

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