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Article: Contingenci® by Good Human and its Taoist Influenced Mission toward Sustainability

Contingenci by Good Human: Taoist-inspired sustainability. Repurposing garments for eco-friendly products. Inclusive, balanced, and equal. Carbon-neutral circular manufacturing in San Jose, CA. Advocates sustainability

Contingenci® by Good Human and its Taoist Influenced Mission toward Sustainability

SAN JOSE, CA, March 20, 2024 - Contingenci by Good Human, a newcomer in the sustainable veterinarian technology and fabric refurbishment industries, has found continued success through its values rooted in the principles of the Tao Te Ching. As an organization dedicated to environmental stewardship and social responsibility, this philosophy offers insight into tuning into the natural world and finding inner peace. 

Tao Te Ching is the primary text in Taoism, an ancient Chinese religion regarding how to exist in serenity with the universe. The work is accredited to the sage Laozi, regarded as a perfected human with all-encompassing goodwill. The central purpose of the Tao Te Ching is to teach standards of behavior and spiritual methods of coexisting with the positive energy emitted from our world. 

Some of the timeless insights the Tao Te Ching highlights include the prioritization of humility and simplicity, as well as reaching an equilibrium between the prosperity of humans and the preservation of the environment. Other emphases include moderation in all aspects of work; by valuing efficiency compared to excess, humans can minimize their waste and lessen negative impact. Through the teachings of the Tao Te Ching, humans learn the practices of introspection and mindfulness which can generate the desire to protect the earth.

Incorporating these lessons into the core of the company has been essential to the brand. Contingenci by Good Human is not only led by founder and CEO Linda Tang but guided by these grounding and humble rules of conduct. The purpose of revolutionizing used garments isn’t only to give these materials a new life, but to eliminate deadstock and therefore reduce the ecological footprint within the field. 

By approaching sustainability through a compassionate lens, Contingenci by Good Human has recognized the inherent value of all humans from all backgrounds. This identification has led to the commitment to foster inclusivity and equality in all endeavors, accentuated by the diverse talent team and goal to support female and minority business owners. Focus on stability has accumulated in an office environment based on ecotherapy and the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. 

Through careful following of these ideals, Contingenci by Good Human has transformed from a COVID startup to the first carbon-neutral circular manufacturing facility in San Jose, CA. Referring to and practicing these values has led to steady growth, healthy team development, innovative product manufacturing and continual vitality.  Taoism has not only shaped the mission of the company, but is a rewarding practice that has modified the lives of over 20 million people worldwide. Through employing moralistic standards such as these, more companies can benefit their clients without harming the planet. 

About Contingenci by Good Human LLC

Contingenci by Good Human LLC is a sustainable micro-factory founded in 2020. The company is the first carbon-neutral circular manufacturing facility in San Jose, CA, both female and minority owned. Beginning as a COVID startup specializing in sustainable and reusable mask production, Contingenci has grown to repurpose activewear and outdoor garments and textiles into eco-friendly veterinary products. The organization specializes in the creation of innovative and assistive orthopedic recovery cushions, anti-slip mats and pet positioners. Key focuses include proving sustainability can be profitable, advocating for education on renewable consumer habits and supporting minority female businesses. For more information, visit

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