Contingenci by Good Human LLC offers affordable service packages for veterinary clinics, including sustainable products for pets to increase their comfort.

Revolutionizing Veterinary Care: Contingenci by Good Human Launches Media and Product Packages

SAN JOSE, CA, March 27, 2024 - Contingenci by Good Human proudly announces the launch of a variety of service packages available for the utilization of veterinary clinics. These various bundles aim to offer a more affordable cost for a multitude of amenities, support customers and promote an ecosystem of veterinarians committed to improved care for pets, people and the planet. Each package offers a collection of different beneficial tools for assistance at diverse price points.

The digital marketing and media package allows purchasers to leverage online platforms to expand their reach in an increasingly digital world. This comprehensive solution aims to empower practices to effectively engage with their audience and drive growth in the modern competitive landscape. This offer includes new staff headshots and a professional camera package, including photography and short videos between 20 to 30 seconds, ideal for websites, emails and social media for $800. 

This package can be combined with the PR/SEO strategies deal that will boost Google ranking through the creation of a press release, LinkedIn blog, spot in the Contingenci newsletter, local social media accounts and backlinks for an additional $500. These packages target individuals aged 18 to 45 who are animal enthusiasts and the most likely demographics to be active digital media consumers. These bundles are valid for any first time orders of $1,000 or more. 

The life-cycle package consists of a three-year warranty and additional repairs for products as a way to extend product life. Additionally, this bundle aims to assist in the end of product life through pampering post-warranty products in the factory at a reduced cost. This initiative was designed to tackle global garment pollution and reduce the 92 million tons of textile waste that is roughly accumulated each year. These services have a value of $525.45 and $350.30 respectively. These bundles are valid for any first time orders of $2,000 or more. 

The Happy Tails tool kit offers an assortment of innovative and sustainable products created by Contingenci for the benefit of the technicians and patients at the veterinary clinic. These products include 10 units of professional custom branded pet bandanas, one custom waterproof and anti-slip lobby pad and 30 units of customized durable one-color heat vinyl transfers. This offer includes the cotton blanket exchange program for 10+ ProVet quick dry blankets and quilts to reduce clutter and laundry expenses. These services within the bundle are priced at $1,311.25.

The Happy Tails tool kit also includes a variety of items for the purpose of providing additional comfort and support to pets during their visits to the clinic. Within this bundle, purchasers can acquire nine units of the 21”x41” custom green and clean utility mats or nine units of the 21”x21” sizing for $990 and $567 accordingly. Three units of the mats sized 19.5”x41.5” are also offered for $270, as well as five units of the green and clean orthopedic recovery cushions with detachable quick-dry Velcro towel system for $1,155.20. Furthermore, this bundle includes two units of the waterproof kennel pads with anti-slip technology at $561 and three units of the waterproof exam pads at $526.80.  The Happy Trails bundle is valid for any first time orders of $3,000 or more. Specific details on the sizing of the products can be found at

Interested customers can purchase one or any combination of the available bundles. For only $3,503, clinics will receive products and services with a total value of $9,990. Contingenci by Good Human recommends placing an order by the end of March 2024 if the products are needed soon as lead time is approximately 30 days. The next opening for a complete custom client vet will be in early summer. Upfront payments are assured with a 100% money back guarantee or start 50/50 payment plan with a 30-day return policy. 

About Contingenci by Good Human LLC

Contingenci by Good Human LLC is a sustainable micro-factory founded in 2020. The company is the first carbon-neutral circular manufacturing facility in San Jose, CA, both female and minority owned. Beginning as a COVID startup specializing in sustainable and reusable mask production, Contingenci has grown to repurpose activewear and outdoor garments and textiles into eco-friendly veterinary products. The organization specializes in the creation of innovative and assistive orthopedic recovery cushions, anti-slip mats and pet positioners. Key focuses include proving sustainability can be profitable, advocating for education on renewable consumer habits and supporting minority female businesses. For more information, visit

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