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Article: Contingenci® by Good Human Enhances Product Design and Development through Continuous Prototyping

Contingenci® logo against a backdrop of sewing machines, fabric, and pet accessories. The image conveys the company's focus on sustainable manufacturing and innovative pet products.

Contingenci® by Good Human Enhances Product Design and Development through Continuous Prototyping

SAN JOSE, CA, June 10, 2024 - Contingenci® by Good Human continues to prove that a strong and essential connection between innovation and sustainability exists within the veterinary industry. Through engaging in dedicated prototyping sessions, Contingenci® consistently refines existing products and generates new concepts to better meet the evolving needs of all consumers. 

Led by CEO and founder Linda Tang, key members of the development and manufacturing team reflect on performance data and insight to steer the company’s future direction. This process not only ensures customer satisfaction, but assists in ongoing efforts to bring cutting-edge technology into the workflow to generate meticulously detailed designs. This manufacturing process correlates with the broader brand initiative to facilitate continuous improvement. 

By analyzing reviews and retention rates, the organization has been able to identify the orthopedic recovery cushions created from upcycled mats as a desired and necessary product. Feedback, as well as greater production of the item, will lead to favorable alterations to increase promised benefits and a more efficient generation process. 

Furthermore, a focus on prototyping has led to increased brainstorming and product planning. Without this process, Contingenci® may not have as quickly identified dog vests with thermal regulation technology as an advantageous avenue to pursue. Mock-up designs have led to the preparation of models that can regulate overheating pets in the summer. Prototypes like these are now setting new standards for canine comfort and safety.

This idea led to the creation of pet jackets made from the deadstock of athletic apparel partner Marmot. Intended for both dogs and cats, these jackets will protect our pets from harsh weather and provide them with a stylish touch. A concentration on providing consumers with the most effective design will be carefully considered when developing and reworking these articles. Contingenci® aims to provide those purchasing with a unique and competitive item that meets all expectations. 

The essence of Contingenci® is a priority toward providing both human and pet customers with premium products that amplify user experience and address real-world challenges. The combination of cross-functional teams and advanced tools ensures that all product introductions and refinements serve these purposes. These values will remain consistent throughout the development process as we continue to transform and spread. 

For more information about Contingenci® by Good Human’s prototyping, as well as the products these processes yield, please visit

About Contingenci by Good Human LLC

Contingenci by Good Human LLC is a sustainable micro-factory founded in 2020. The company is the first carbon-neutral circular manufacturing facility in San Jose, CA, both female and minority-owned. Beginning as a COVID startup specializing in sustainable and reusable mask production, Contingenci has grown to repurpose activewear and outdoor garments and textiles into eco-friendly veterinary products. The organization specializes in the creation of innovative and assistive orthopedic recovery cushions, anti-slip mats, and pet positioners. Key focuses include proving sustainability can be profitable, advocating for education on renewable consumer habits, and supporting minority female businesses. For more information, visit

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