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Article: Contingenci® by Good Human Revives Fading Manufacturing Skills Through Hands-On Training Programs

Contingenci® by Good Human Trains Next Generation of Manufacturers

Contingenci® by Good Human Revives Fading Manufacturing Skills Through Hands-On Training Programs

SAN JOSE, CA, May 29, 2024 - Since its creation in 2020, Contingenci® by Good Human has made it a goal to showcase their dedication to the preservation of sustainable and carbon-friendly practices. In order to combat the decline of essential manufacturing skills within the outdoor apparel and veterinary industries, the company hosts prototype development sessions for young individuals who want to become involved in the field. 

The manufacturing industry faces a significant challenge as the number of skilled sewing machine operators dwindles. Most of these workers are elderly individuals who have retired without passing on their knowledge and expertise. Contingenci® is determined to address this critical issue by providing younger individuals with the opportunity to learn and master these vital skills.

"The larger mission is to make sure that the invaluable craftsmanship of sewing machine operators doesn’t become a thing of the past," said Linda Tang, CEO and Founder of  Contingenci® by Good Human. "We want to bridge the generational divide in this industry by providing those entering the workforce with the manufacturing skills they need.”

To achieve this, Contingenci® runs prototype development sessions in collaboration with local industry leaders. These sessions give aspiring professionals the chance to gain hands-on experience with professionals who have mastered the craft. By working with experts, trainees simultaneously cultivate a deep understanding and appreciation of the intricate skills required in product development.

In a similar vein, Contingenci® has found great success through the hiring and training processes given to interns and employees. As a team member, individuals are immediately immersed into day-to-day operations where they can learn through practical experiences. Trainees are provided with the knowledge to apply what they’ve learned into real-world settings. Certain opportunities, such as being the lead on a project, generate a sense of ownership and innovation among the staff, and therefore make them feel more confident and caring toward their work. 

As contemporary society continues to advance and find technological shortcuts to sometimes tedious processes, it is imperative we don’t forget the human element within our development techniques. The authenticity and individuality of the company’s products are achieved through this essential competency, not through uniform automation. By protecting and passing down traditional manufacturing abilities, Contingenci® honors the artistry of the past while fostering innovation and sustainability for the future, in terms of both its merchandise and employee base. 

For more information about these training services, as well as the product development process and team operations, please visit

About Contingenci by Good Human LLC

Contingenci by Good Human LLC is a sustainable micro-factory founded in 2020. The company is the first carbon-neutral circular manufacturing facility in San Jose, CA, both female and minority-owned. Beginning as a COVID startup specializing in sustainable and reusable mask production, Contingenci has grown to repurpose activewear and outdoor garments and textiles into eco-friendly veterinary products. The organization specializes in the creation of innovative and assistive orthopedic recovery cushions, anti-slip mats, and pet positioners. Key focuses include proving sustainability can be profitable, advocating for education on renewable consumer habits, and supporting minority female businesses. For more information, visit

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