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Sustainable Services for Global Brands: Small Batch Production, Rapid Prototyping, Warranty/Repair, and Responsible Waste Management. Transforming waste into functional items for recommerce.

contingenci partner with THE NORTH FACE for REMADE Collection



Help saved TNF Ski patrol jackets from the landfill due to legal liability; "first responder" marks are prohibited to civilians. we renewed & repair these Gore-tex Jackets to be sold to the public by TNF.

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Rapid Development Program (RDP) Prototyping, patterning, Sampling in 1-3 business days. Our skin suit mock-ups for the wind tunnel testing have the Fastest time trial data.

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Warranty Satellite Center for outdoor and active brands.

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Sustainability in Veterinary and Pet Industry

We provide sustainable veterinary products that reduce carbon emissions. Join us in making the veterinary and pet industry carbon neutral.

  • Beach Animal Urget Care

    Save over $3450 annually on laundry utility bills with our patent-pending detachable towel pet beds.

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  • REED Animal Hospital

    Custom made mats to provide comfort and durability during examinations. Hygienic and easy to clean.

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    Mat repair and renewal to reduce waste and give mats a fresh look with customized covers.

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From Reusable Masks to Sustainable Products

During pandemic, we collaborated with companies to tackle disposable mass pollution. Our reusable masks became a part of the takeback program. Now, we're extending sustainability to all our products, including pet items. Join us in making a positive impact on the environment.